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Why vitamin D is good news for a good mood

It’s winter in the northern hemisphere. The days are short, the nights are long, and the light is dim. Due to the limited sunlight our opportunities to make vitamin D are much reduced – and that’s bad news for our mood. Learn why low vitamin D bowls us over, and what we can do about it.

Recovery is in constant motion, so be vigilant!

Recovery is not static, it is in constant motion. You must be vigilant.

All of us in recovery quickly learn that recovery is not static, it is in constant motion and forever changing. Sometimes the reasons are frivolous – and other times it’s substantial personal challenges which derail us from recovery. Very early on it becomes clear that to have any chance of a stable recovery we need an arsenal of contingencies. And we need to remain vigilant.

Welcome to moodfoodmove!

Welcome to moodfoodmove!

Hello, I am Ava Blass: I run the moodfoodmove rodeo. It’s a delight to welcome you to the moodfoodmove website – which I hope will contribute something valuable to your quality of life. It is moodfoodmove’s hope that you’ll take good care of yourself.