Hello I'm Ava Blass - head gal at moodfoodmoveHello! I’m Ava Blass. I’m the primary content-provider for moodfoodmove.

Let me tell you about moodfoodmove. Moodfoodmove is a thoughtfully compiled collection of self-help resources, for you to take better care of yourself. Moodfoodmove wants to help you get yourself back on track with practical  tools, tips and ideas. Its goal is to help you strengthen your foundation with good nutrition, a positive mindset and a healthy lifestyle. So you can live an easier life.

My role within moodfoodmove is to collate a toolkit of resources for you to choose from.

Who are moodfoodmovers?

Moodfoodmovers are people affected by depression, stress or anxiety. They  want reliable information on what they can actively do to help themselves move beyond stress or low mood.

I have gathered a collection of useful information, ideas, skills and options to help you get back on the right track. Please try the ones which pique your interest. Create your own toolkit for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle, and taking better care of yourself.

My role in moodfoodmove is to present an array of tools, so that you can create your own toolkit for taking better care of yourself.

Why does moodfoodmove exist?

For years I’ve had a rotten time with major depression. It’s been a dogfight. Moodfoodmove is the result of my own search for an easier way to live. The struggle to exercise, eat well, manage stress, work well, and sustain loving relationships is tough. However when you have a chronic mental health condition throwing obstacles in your path it’s even more challenging. Whilst it’s been tough I’ve never given up.

I have learned so much from courses, books, workshops, and conversations with fellow moodfoodmovers.  My learning endeavors were focused on how to achieve balance and stability, whilst living with depression. Through trial and error I have found what works for me. The wonderful resource which is moodfoodmove is the result of my research.

I tried a vast array of things until I found what worked for me. Moodfoodmove is the result.

What do I bring to the table?

I spent 15 years working for the University of Edinburgh. The last 5 years were with their College of Medicine. I have a Science degree, so I’m comfortable with research and medical language.

My primary qualification is a more than a decade of life experience with major depression. I have emerged from that. And I have gone on to create a happy life, underpinned by a healthy lifestyle. I walk the talk.

I support this with a Diploma in Integrative Nutrition (IIN); and my First Class BSc Hons (UQ).

These days everyone has a portfolio of courses they’ve completed. And so do I. My portfolio contains certificates in Positive Psychology (UNC) and  Neuroscience for Personal Development (Institute of Neurocognitivism). Plus certificates in The Science of Happiness (University of California, Berkeley); and The Science of Goal Setting (Udemy!) And another on in Mindfulness Training (Renaissance Life Therapies). In addition I have a Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (SNHS). A little course that I found very valuable was Depression Recovery Program: sleep, energy, emotions (Uncommon Knowledge). I’d recommend that you have a look at that.

I find the mental wellness subject area infinitely fascinating. I am a lifelong learner, hence moodfoodmove’s resources will always be growing.

The moodfoodmove approach is practical, pragmatic, actionable, tool-based. To learn even more about moodfoodmove please visit our moodfoodmove approach and manifesto page.

Ava 🙂