Why have a manifesto?

Well, I feel that the moodfoodmove manifesto helps you know what moodfoodmove believes, and what it values. You can then determine if moodfoodmove believes the same things that you do. If it does then woot!, you’ll be a happy moodfoodmover. If it doesn’t then that’s great too – cos by knowing what you don’t want you’re one step closer to finding what you’re looking for.

moodfoodmove‘s primary purpose

The point and purpose  of moodfoodmove is to provide a wide variety of tools and ideas to help you to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle – which means taking better care of yourself. We encourage self-empowerment through learning, and finding what works for you. Moodfoodmove aims to be a place for you to gather ideas – and then go away and try them on your own. #selfhelp, chickadees!

Quite a few birds with broken wings find their way to moodfoodmove. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve bombed out of a healthy eating regime, quit an exercise program, or fallen off the booze wagon – it’s important to moodfoodmove that you take this little factoid to heart:

It is never hopeless. You always have other options to try. You can find what works for you.

That is the central message of moodfoodmove. And below is the detailed (and glorious!) moodfoodmove, to embellish on that central message.

The moodfoodmove manifesto

moodfoodmove believes….

1. through knowledge comes understanding
Everything moodfoodmove stands for hinges on this. The more you learn about your strengths, your vulnerabilities, and what works for you – the better. You’ll discover what works for you through learning about the different strategies, skills, tools, resources available. Read widely. The answers are out there. No-one can fine-tune what works for you, better than you. Educate yourself.

2. you can achieve balance through healthy habits
I’ll tell you a secret: a healthy lifestyle is just a series of healthy habits. It’s nothing more than that. The adoption of healthy habits is the route to bouncing back, and staying on track. But we need to get those healthy habits into your into your life, your day, your routine. Best of all… there are many ways to do that.

3. in teaching you how to fish
Moodfoodmove wants to help you become more self-reliant. There’s nothing more empowering than having the ability to bounce-back from a derailment. And to have done that yourself. After all you have a long life ahead of you, and you’ll be needing to rely on little ‘ol you for a quite a while yet.

4. in having a wide variety of healthy lifestyle habits to choose from
What works for one moodfoodmover, might not work for you. Moodfoodmove encourages you to build your own collection of tools – that work for you. And guess what? People have been trying-and-failing for millennia, so there’s a wealth of information out there. This means there are dozens of options to try.

5. that you CAN do it! You can learn the skills!
It is never hopeless. There are always options. You can find what works for you. Period.

6. a healthy lifestyle is just a series of habits, that can be learned
Many people fail in their attempt to get back on track because they charge out of the gate, doing everything at once. Sheesh, don’t be so cruel to yourself! It simply not necessary to begin all of them all at once. Start one at a time, and start small. Mini habits have great value in getting you going.

7. change comes from small habits, practiced daily
Goodness, wouldn’t we all like an instant solution to whatever we are struggling with? But lasting change happens slowly. Each glass of water, each slow deep breath, each walk around the block – inches you forward by half-a-percent. Moodfoodmove believes in the value of those half-percents.

8. in starting from where you are now, going at your own pace, choosing your own goals
Let’s not pretend otherwise getting your health on-track is a complete lifestyle overhaul. It’ll take time and effort to get the train back on the tracks. Start from where you are now and go at your own pace. Adding sudden and drastic change would defeat anyone – that’s not the moodfoodmove way.

9. in trusting the process
Whilst you are unique, you are also like everyone else. And just like it will for everyone else, a healthy lifestyle provides balance and stability. It builds up your physical and psychological infrastructure, giving you resilience and endurance. Take a deep breath… you’re in safe hands.

10. taking the long view
It’s helpful to think of a healthy lifestyle as a garden. You sow the seeds of little habits, you fertilise by building them up, you water by practicing them daily, you weed by replacing ones that don’t work for you – and slowly the fruits and flowers appear. Good things take time. You’ve got a long time to get this right. Start now though!

11. in using a very practical, solution-focused approach
What is moodfoodmove? Moodfoodmove is a collection of skills, habits, tools, and information. Moodfoodmove offers real practical things that you can implement – actionable stuff. Moodfoodmove doesn’t bog you down in rumination about the problem. Moodfoodmove is a problem-solver who helps you to move forward.

12. this is your life too!
To be a moodfoodmover you need to be a little bit selfish at times. You’ll learn to say No to some things, to give yourself the best chance to create a healthy lifestyle. You’ll not need to become a yogi on a mountain. Our lives are intertwined with family, friends, work, and other commitments. Know that you will need to weave in your new lifestyle… it’s your life too!

Go for it, cos you are capable of more than you think you are. Yep.

Ava 🙂