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Why Resilience is a Superpower!

Life happens, and bad stuff happens, to everyone. Everyone. Yet people prone to depression and addictive behaviours are particularly vulnerable to the affects of stress – often sending them into a tailspin. So how can we vulnerable folk expect to proceed through life securely: balanced and happy? The answer is by developing our Resilience.*

What is recovery…?

For those of us on the path of recovery from depression or addiction we know that recovery has brought us a better quality of life, and an ease and grace in living. Maybe we don’t need to define it beyond that? What is recovery? How will we know when we have reached it?*

Welcome to moodfoodmove!

Hello, I am Ava Blass top-gal at moodfoodmove. It’s a delight to welcome you to the moodfoodmove website – which I hope will contribute something valuable to your quality of life. moodfoodmove‘s hope is that you’ll take better care of yourself. And I want you to take better care of yourself – so that’s been […]